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Country Woods Press Releases

For Immediate Release
June 1, 2013

Introducing our Engineered Doors. The very first in North America. These doors are superior in their construction, have old world charm and have the best structural integrity that reduces concerns of warping & twisting! Incredible too, they can be manufactured out of any species of wood. They have a 1 inch thick 18 Layer Baltic Birch Core. In our Doors section we are highlighting photos of our Reclaimed Elm and Hemlock Engineered Doors.Take a look.

For Immediate Release
December 15, 2012

We have The Newest Generation of European Oils from Belgium. Not UV cured rather Air Dried. This is huge why? Because this makes it easier for customers to touch up their own floors, for themselves, if they so choose. So if a scratch happens, now you see it, now you don't because you can maintain your own floor. Our Prefinishing Service also includes UV cured European Oils and Durable Aluminum Oxide Finishes. Many options are available today. What will you choose?

For Immediate Release
October 5, 2011

Look at French Fumed Oak Flooring as an option. It is such a rich looking floor with its colour choices of either Dark Brown or Black. It gives you solid Stain Colour all the way thru the board! So if you scratch the surface, no problem the colour is under the finish. Non fading too. This is a great product because of these features.

Town of Orangeville
Home and Lifestyle Show 2010
Was Held October 1-3

There were many nice conversations with local and out of town people who attended. They were pleased to see our wide range of products and services. We enjoyed the Show.

For Immediate Release
January 21-24, 2010
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In supporting the Andrew Richard Designs booth at the IDS Show in Toronto, we released a new product/service. Our wide plank 3 to 8" and 5 to 12' long ambrosia maple flooring was shown for the first time and it was custom prefinished in-house with a whitewash stain. The feedback was very positive.

For Immediate Release
September 19, 2009
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Our wood products, were well received at 'The Made of Wood Show' held at 'The Dufferin County Museum'. At this event Countrywood released its' 'Brand New Line' of Doors, Trim and Signature Engineered Flooring, made out of Antique, Reclaimed & Salvaged woods, made in Canada, and for the first time ever, now available in Prefinished!

For Immediate Release
May 20, 2008
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Countrywood Floor Finishers, is now taking on all Sales & Marketing of all products previously sold by Historic Woods Inc.

For Immediate Release
October 14, 2006
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Historic Woods Inc. was awarded the Gold Innovation Award in the Flooring: Hard / Resilient category at the recent IIDEX/NeoCon Canada trade show in Toronto.

We are a member of the National Wood Flooring Association and have recently applied to be an ARIDO Industry Ally. In addition, we are making progress in qualifying our Reclaimed Antique Engineered Wood Flooring product under LEED and are working with EcoLogo to achieve EcoLogo Certification under CCD-152E.

For Immediate Release
September 20, 2006
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Historic Woods Inc. is committed to manufacturing and delivering the finest crafted Reclaimed Antique Engineered Wood Flooring products to North American families. We are proud advocates for a Green Environment, dedicated to a cleaner and more sustainable use of our natural resources predicated on reducing, recycling and reusing.

Historic Woods Inc. uses ONLY reclaimed antique solid woods in its flooring surfaces.

"We are very pleased to bring our flooring products to the IIDEX/NeoCon Canada show," says David Moore, President of Historic Woods Inc. "The technical advances and wide-range applications, along with the timeless beauty of our flooring will excite and delight architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners alike."

"When you choose or recommend our Reclaimed Antique Engineered Wood Flooring products for your clients or yourself you will know that you have chosen a better flooring product and one that is contributing to the protection of our natural resources."

Mr. Moore goes on to say, "We are also pleased to announce that Historic Woods Inc. has taken the first step for our products to achieve sustainability status for EcoLogo Certification under CCD-152E."




2006 IIDEX Gold Award Winner