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About Countrywood


Countrywood is an advocate for a Green Environment through the more efficient application of our natural resources - a premise supported by the manufacture of Reclaimed Antique Wood Flooring. Technically and visually superior to other wood products, because our products support environmental sustainability.

The founder, David Moore learned the Installation, Sanding & Finishing Trade in 1978. Now with more than 30 years experience satisfying clients.

Countrywood Floor Finishers was established in 1986, now in Business for well over 25 years! Doing homes & businesses in Toronto, Oakville, Huntsville and surrounding areas. At the leading edge when Antique Flooring first came to be of interest in Ontario. We helped develop many of the techniques to use antique wood, that many felt was just fire wood. Salvaging that wood and turning it into the most beautiful flooring ever seen. After 12 years and over 2 million square feet of installations, we realized the desirability of this product, that of Antique Engineered Wood Flooring, that was not being produced anywhere in Canada.

After doing our due diligence in research and development, Historic Woods Inc. was established in 2005 to manufacture North America's finest Reclaimed Antique Engineered Wood Flooring. The product was officially launched at the IIDEX/NeoCon Show, Toronto in September 2006. As you can see, we won the Gold Award below at that time. Mark Challen put us in his Top 10 Style Standouts at the 2006 Interior Design Show.

So we could offer superior "New" wood products as well as "Antique". in 2008 we established Countrywood and opened a Showroom to display our products and have a convenient location to meet clients. All of our products are made of wood and include high quality doors, trim, flooring, ceiling & stair components.

After 5 years of research into techniques and finishes we are happy to release our premium product, Antique Engineered Flooring Prefinished with an eco enviromentally friendly finish. We are also able to offer you now Doors & Custom Trim that are also Prefinished in an assortment of colours and finishes, sold worldwide.




2006 IIDEX Gold Award Winner